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Blog: This Mother's Day I'm Standing Up for Illinois Families


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I am grateful to have the opportunity to spend a quiet Sunday with my sons and husband today.

This Mother's Day also causes me to reflect on why I'm running. Every Sunday hasn't been quiet for Gerry and me. There were those when he was working his shift at the sheriff's department or I was staffing the weekend news desk as a young reporter. Balancing work and family wasn't easy- but we did it.

I understand how hard it is to be a good mother while you're also trying to get ahead.

But achieving success today isn't as possible as it used to be. Does the America we used to know, where hard work and personal sacrifice were rewarded with a fair wage and good benefits, even exist today?

Big business and special interests have for too long gotten ahead while the middle class has fallen behind. And, like most Congressmen in his party, my opponent spends his time in Congress fighting to protect interests of the ultra wealthy over the working families he represents.

I'm standing up to give Illinois families a voice- to break apart unjust and unfair influence that my opponent fights so hard to protect - and set Washington's priorities straight.

If parents are giving up time with their families to put food on the table and a roof over their head, they deserve to earn a living wage for that work. The retirement security that they've been counting on should be protected, not robbed to protect tax loopholes. And, we should commit to investing in the education of their children and work together to build a stronger economy, instead of pursuing a social agenda meant to divide.

The hard-working families I meet every day need a representative who is going to stand by their side and fight to protect their future. They need someone who believes in creating opportunity for all Americans, not just the ones who can buy it.

I'm running for them.

Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers. And let's work together for happy days ahead for working men and women and the families they support.

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