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WGIL Radio - Congressional Candidate Campaigns in Galesburg

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Location: East Moline, IL

By Unknown

The democratic nominee for the 17th Congressional District stopped by a downtown Galesburg restaurant Saturday to become more in tune with her constituents' concerns.

Cheri Bustos designated Sidetrax Bar and Grill an official campaign stop Saturday. Bustos says her favorite part about running for congress has been listening and talking with people.

According to Bustos, the meet and greet yielded three main issues. Being that she says the 17th is a bit older than the average congressional district, she tells WGIL a person's health is one of those dilemmas.

"As it pertains to seniors, preserving and protecting medicare and social security, I can't think of something that's more important to seniors," Bustos said. "To make sure they have that safety net, to make sure they have health care. And to make sure that's there for my generation, my kids' generation, and my grand-kids' generation."

Other consistent issues throughout the district's fourteen counties, Bustos says, includes balancing a budget and formulating a jobs plan.

She says there's more agriculture and manufacturing jobs in the 17th Congressional district than most other districts. She says those resources need to be further tapped into for continued job growth.

Bustos claims incumbent Congressman Bobby Schilling pretends to look out for both senior citizens and the working class. Instead, she says the Republican works hard for "millionaires and big oil."

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