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Women's Health & Safety Should Be Above Partisan Politics


Location: Northbrook, IL

Brad Schneider today released the following statement on Congressman Dold's disturbing record on women's issues since coming to Congress.

"Taken as a whole, Congressman Dold's record on issues important to women is disappointing. Last year, Congressman Dold voted with his Republican colleagues to terminate funding for Planned Parenthood. When it comes to reproductive freedom, Dold voted to effectively ban abortion coverage in state health-insurance exchanges and penalize small businesses that want to provide comprehensive health insurance to women employees.

"Last fall, Congressman Dold voted for the "Let Women Die" bill, which allows emergency care providers to deny life-saving treatment to a pregnant woman even when her life is in danger.

"On other critical women's issues, like domestic violence, Congressman Dold voted to prevent reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. He also repeatedly voted to take away access to critical screenings for women's health.

"Now, with fewer than 200 days until the election, Congressman Dold is trying to sweep his voting record under the rug. But women's health and safety are simply too important to imperil with partisan politics.

"We need people in Congress who will always stand strong, speak with a powerful voice, and consistently lead in the fight to protect the rights of women. Congressman Dold is simply not that person. I am proud to be 100% pro-choice and always have been. In Congress, I will be a consistent and staunch advocate for the women and families of Illinois 10th district, not just in a tough election year, but every year, every day."

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