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Duckworth Vows to Protect Medicare, Walsh Vows to Destroy It


Location: Unknown

Tonight in a debate on CLTV's Politics Tonight, Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh doubled down on his support for the Ryan budget which turns Medicare into a voucher program. Tammy Duckworth called Walsh out several times, at one point reminding voters that Walsh is quoted as having called Medicare a "Ponzi scheme." Duckworth asked Walsh, "Why are you so obsessed with ending Medicare? You voted three times to end Medicare as we know it." Walsh offered no ideas on how to protect Medicare or Social Security, instead repeatedly backing a plan to privatize both.

"What voters saw tonight was a clear difference between my opponent and me - especially on the issue of protecting Medicare," said Duckworth. "I offered many practical ideas to pay for the protection of this important program. Joe Walsh, on the other hand, offered no ideas to protect Medicare. The only one idea he offered was his support for the Ryan budget, which would turn Medicare into a voucher program- ultimately ending a guaranteed benefit our seniors deserve and rely on."

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