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Issue Position: Tax Fairness and Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

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As the son of an immigrant and the first member of my family to go to college, I have been fortunate to live the American Dream. But for too many families that Dream is getting harder to attain.

At the center of my political beliefs is the idea of creating opportunity for everyone. I believe we are all a part of the American family and all endowed with the same right to pursue happiness. Unfortunately, the agenda of Congressman Gibson and the Republican leadership in Washington divides us. For them, it's "every man for himself."

What's worse is that they pursue policies that help those who are already privileged while hurting those who are not. Congressman Gibson has repeatedly supported budget-busting tax cuts for the super-wealthy, tax breaks for Big Oil -- despite that industry's record profits, and tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas -- all the while voting to cut things like veterans' benefits and support for our farmers, claiming that we can't afford them. He's wrong. Preferential treatment for the lucky few has exploded our deficit while shifting the wealth of our nation to the bank accounts of a precious few.

I support an end to the Bush tax cuts for the super-wealthy and an end to needless subsidies for industries with soaring profits.

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