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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

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It's about jobs. Too many folks in our communities who want to work can't find suitable jobs; too many others are working harder than ever for less, just trying to stay ahead of the bill collector for another day. Congressman Gibson went to Washington in 2010 promising to focus on jobs, but he hasn't sponsored -- or even voted for -- a single real jobs plan. We deserve better.

Supporting Local Industry and Agriculture:

I will be an advocate for the employers and industries of our region. We can be helping our farmers bring products to market and expand those markets, while also helping the next generation of farmers get access to land and capital. We can be nurturing both new and established industries and must owning and operating a small business easier. Small businesses are the engine of our economy. In congress I will advocate for tax credits for small businesses that allow them to get off the ground and make it easier for them to hire new workers.

Creating Jobs and Investing in Rural Infrastructure:

Deferring maintenance and, where appropriate, development of needed roads and bridges is financially unsound and unsafe. In particular, I will support the National Infrastructure Bank, which would leverage private sector funds to invest in our roads, bridges and sewer systems and create thousands of jobs. The National Infrastructure Bank would identify energy, transportation or water infrastructure projects- many in rural communities like the ones right here in our district- that are currently without funding. The NIB would make loans to these projects that would then be matched by private sector investments or money from local governments.

In addition to physical infrastructure, we must invest in our technological and social infrastructure. Rural post offices and rural telephone service are both endangered. I will passionately defend both. Access to real rural broadband is not a luxury, it is a necessity for our region's small businesses. We live in a world where high- speed connectivity is a requirement to compete in the global marketplace. We have to provide accessible broadband to all our rural areas so they can compete on an even playing field. Unfortunately, Congressman Gibson voted to slash $21 Million Dollars in federal funding for rural broadband, while still voting to spend over $170 Million Dollars on the bridge to nowhere. These are the wrong priorities for the working men and women of our district.

Preparing Workers for an Ever-Changing Economy:

Creating a skilled, trained workforce isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do. Many business leaders struggle to find the skilled employees that they need for their business to thrive. That's why I am a strong supporter of community colleges and apprenticeship programs, as well as ensuring that our veterans can effectively re-enter the job market. My dad studied on the GI Bill after returning home from World War II and it made a tremendous difference in his life.

Protecting our Jobs here at Home:

To me, it's simple: what's good for the American worker is good for America. If elected I will work to close loopholes that reward companies for shipping jobs overseas and work to ensure that trade deals do not stack the deck against American workers just so multinational corporations can have a cheap supply of overseas labor. Buy reinvesting in American industries, like the clean energy sector, and by rewarding companies that bring jobs here, not ship them away, we can help put this country back to work.

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