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Rep. Barton Sits Down with Tea Party Leaders to Discuss "The More Perfect Union"

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Joe Barton joined his colleagues Wednesday on Capitol Hill for a discussion with national Tea Party leaders
entitled "The More Perfect Union."

The goal of the meeting was to emphasize the priorities of Tea Party members and make sure their voices are still being heard in Washington.

Topics ranged from cutting federal spending and repealing ObamaCare to the Presidential election and gas prices.

Tea Party activists in attendance included Herman Cain (former Presidential frontrunner), Tiffiny Rueger (The Tea Party.Net National Executive Director & DC Liaison), Judson Phillips (Tea Party Nation Founder), Jenny Beth Martin (Tea Party Patriots) and Dustin Stockton ( Chief Strategist).

Each said that Tea Party members remain strongly engaged in the political process and want to see "bold" leadership from Members of Congress.

Rep. Barton enjoyed the open dialogue with the panel and afterwards once again voiced his support for their mission.

"The Tea Party has fundamentally changed the dialogue in DC and continues to make a difference in our political system. The passion and patriotism displayed by these people is inspiring. The Tea Party is made up of hard-working Americans who are genuinely concerned about the direction of our country. Their core beliefs in the Constitution, smaller government, lower taxes and more personal freedom align perfectly with mine," said Rep. Barton. "Wednesday they echoed the same sentiments I have heard from Texans all over the 6th District: We have had enough of the exploding federal spending, the bloated bureaucracy and the 'government knows best' ideology now prevalent in Washington. I will continue to work with them to make sure we remain on a path that returns the power to the people."

Rep. Barton is one of the original members of the Tea Party Caucus, which is made up of legislators who are dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution and limited government.

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