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Roskam: Allowing Cap Gains and Dividend Tax Hike would Stifle Job Growth and Investment


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (IL-06), hosted a CFO roundtable discussion on the pending hike in capital gains and dividend taxes and the negative impact this increase would have on job growth and investment. Roskam was joined by fellow Ways and Means Committee Members Lynn Jenkins (KS-02) and Tom Reed (NY-29) in hosting CFOs from Southern Company, Verizon, PPL, and American Water.

"These CFOs painted a vivid picture of how the pending capital gains and dividend tax hikes would stifle their ability to grow and hire new workers," said Roskam. "We need jobs in this country, and an increase in these tax rates would absolutely hurt the economy as a whole. And it's not just hiring that would take a hit--millions of seniors rely on money from investments to supplement their fixed income, and would have less each month to pay their bills."

"I commend Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp for laying out a plan to not only ensure taxes on American families don't spike at the end of this year, but also to bring about meaningful tax reform to assure American competitiveness," said Roskam.

"Billions of dollars are needed to invest in America's future, including our energy future," said Southern Company CFO Art Beattie. "That requires enormous amounts of new capital, so we must adopt tax policies that promote capital formation in order to create jobs for American families."

This morning, Roskam appeared on CNBC's Squawk Box with Paul Farr, CFO of PPL who said, "This is a very unfortunate time for a tax issue like this to come up because our sector has the capability to be very meaningfully additive to the economic recovery."

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