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Brown Says Hanscom AFB Critical to Cyber Security, Calls on Air Force to Keep 3-Star General


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U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) released a message for Massachusetts today on Hanscom Air Force Base and how its unique electronic and cyber warfare capabilities are critical to U.S. national security. Senator Brown also stressed the importance of retaining Hanscom's three-star general position.


Hello, I'm United States Senator Scott Brown.

Since our country's founding, Massachusetts has maintained a leading role in our national defense. That tradition continues today at Hanscom Air Force Base, where military leaders and civilian professionals are working tirelessly to solve our nation's most challenging and urgent security needs.

Over the past decade, Hanscom has revolutionized modern warfare by contributing to some of the most sophisticated military information systems ever seen on the battlefield.

That's why, as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I'm committed to supporting and enhancing Hanscom's strategic role in meeting our national security needs.

Specifically, Hanscom has the ability to strengthen our cyber security defenses here at home and, in some cases, take the cyber fight to enemies abroad.

That's why I believe the Air Force plan to eliminate the three-star general position at Hanscom presents a major risk to our country.

I believe Hanscom's senior leadership must stay intact. It takes a top leader to oversee the research, design, testing, and production of the products Hanscom is best known for.

Secretary of Defense Panetta was loud and clear when he said the one thing he worries about the most is that we will not be prepared for a cyber attack. Well, I agree with Secretary Panetta, and Hanscom is ready to take on that mission right now.

Over the past several months, I've hosted planning sessions with the Massachusetts delegation and presented a bipartisan case to senior Air Force leaders to explain what Hanscom and its partners can do for our country.

Our message across the Massachusetts delegation is unified and clear: among all our defense assets, Hanscom stands alone in pulling together top national academic, scientific and defense talent to meet today's national security needs.

Make no mistake. Everything must be scrutinized as the Pentagon looks to cut nearly $500 billion dollars from the defense budget. But, I will continue to insist, as I've done before, that our military planners think carefully about the threats our country will face in the future.

As Secretary Panetta made clear, the cyber threat is real. We must maintain our ability to produce cutting edge solutions to defeat it. And I believe many of those solutions can come only from the talented people at Hanscom.

Thank you.

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