Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2013

Floor Speech

By:  Marsha Blackburn
Date: May 9, 2012
Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BLACKBURN. Madam Chairman, this is a very straightforward amendment. What it says is that you cannot use taxpayer funds to defend ObamaCare, PPACA, the Affordable Care Act. And there is a reason for doing this, for bringing this amendment forward.

If you will look at today's Gallup Poll, the May 9, 2012, Gallup Poll, this is what you would find in that poll: 72 percent of all Americans believe this law is unconstitutional. They want to see this law off the books. And that includes 56 percent of Democrats and 94 percent of Republicans that were polled.

So, Madam Chairwoman, what we find is individuals saying, We don't like this. We don't want it on the books. We hope the Supreme Court finds it unconstitutional.

Indeed, many of us feel it will be found to be unconstitutional. And what we're doing is saying to the Department of Justice, You cannot use taxpayer funds to defend this law. We know that that is the right step to take because it is important that we defend and prevent DOJ activism. Certainly, you have heard Members stand on this floor today and talk about the activism that exists in that Department. So taxpayer funds should not be used to defend this law.

Now, some of you may feel like you've heard this before, and, indeed, you have. The Republican Study Committee has brought this idea previously as we have had continuing resolutions.

We feel that it is appropriate. This is not a bill the American people have wanted. It is a law that is too expensive to afford. Indeed, we have seen that as we've reviewed appropriations, as we're looking at Health and Human Services, as we're looking at CMS. What we're staying to DOJ is, You cannot use taxpayer money to defend this law. We do not want our taxpayer funds to become a legal defense fund for ObamaCare.

So it is a very simple amendment. It is a total of eight lines long. I urge individuals to support the Blackburn amendment and to prohibit DOJ from using taxpayer funds.


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