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Stafford Loans in Hawaii

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. HANABUSA. Mr. Speaker, the Senate is now debating the Stafford loan or the student loan bill--their version. And their version is better because their version pays for it by closing big tax loopholes. It requires us to now look at what the House passed. We paid for a 1-year extension by repealing the preventative health care provisions. What does that mean? It means that women and children will suffer.

For my State, Mr. Speaker, it meant that the State preventative grants will be gone, and that's what we need to prevent heart attacks, to address the concerns of, in particular, women and children and those who are in need.

But what does it mean when we let this interest rate go up? For me, it is 16,681 students, average loans of $4,000-plus, total amount of loans in the State of $67-plus million. This is going to be an additional $16 million to them. Mr. Speaker, we can do better.

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