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Udall Welcomes Court Decision Blocking Indefinite Detention for Those Arrested on American Soil


Location: Unknown

Mark Udall said today that a court order blocking the indefinite military detention for people arrested within the country is a victory for civil liberties and the fundamental principles of the country.

"I was happy to see that the courts have agreed with me that the military should not be able to indefinitely detain people on American soil without regard for due process, one of the cornerstones of our Constitution," Udall said. "Judge Forrest's decision underlines that the military should be focused on our national security abroad and not law enforcement at home."

"I take the president at his word that U.S. citizens would not be subject to indefinite detention, but that promise only holds water until he leaves office," Udall added. "Choosing between homeland security and due process is a false choice. We can protect our nation without sacrificing our freedom."

Udall fought for an amendment during the consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that would have allowed the military to provide input on the need for indefinite detention authority.

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