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Price Amendments Protect America's Nuclear Capability, US-Israeli Security Cooperation


Location: Washington, DC

House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement after the House of Representatives adopted two amendments offered by Chairman Price to the FY 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). One amendment ensures that without a treaty approved by the Senate or an authorization by an Act of Congress, the President is prohibited from unilaterally reducing our nuclear arsenal. The other amendment requires the Department of Justice to order an investigation into the possible violation of U.S. law regarding numerous leaks of sensitive information involving U.S. and Israeli military, intelligence, and operational capabilities. It provides the Administration with 30 days after the NDAA becomes law to begin its investigation and 60 days after enactment to report to Congress.

"The United States should not wander down the road toward nuclear disarmament because President Obama has pinned his hopes on a belief that other nations will blindly follow our lead," said Chairman Price. "In a dangerous and unstable world, Congress should reaffirm its role in determining the nuclear capabilities of the United States. We have to ensure that any changes to our nuclear arsenal and missile defense capabilities are based on reality and with a clear eye toward current and future threats."

The Price amendment on US-Israeli defense leaks follows an April 26th letter Chairman Price and 22 other members of the House of Representatives sent to President Obama calling for an investigation into the reported leaks of American and Israeli defense planning. The president has not yet responded.

"For the safety and security of the American and Israeli people, it is imperative that the Obama Administration determine where national security leaks are occurring and put an end to them," said Chairman Price. "These leaks could weaken the strategic advantage of American and Israeli forces. Moreover, they undermine our relationship with our key ally in the Middle East -- a relationship that should be built on trust and shared respect for the dangerous challenges we face in a volatile region of the world. To date, the Administration has failed to respond to our request that it hold accountable whoever is responsible for the public release of this information leaving us little choice but to specifically direct the Department of Justice to commence an investigation. Our national security and our vital relationship with our ally Israel demands we take this action."

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