Victory for Veterans Stamp Act Unveiled

Press Release

By:  Bill Shuster John Larson
Date: May 18, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

The Act, which is modeled on the successful Victory Stamp drive of World War II, is intended to allow the public to give back to those who have served our nation by directly funding employment and training programs for veterans, as well as reducing the national debt and helping support the U.S. Postal Service, through the voluntary purchase of a special supplementary stamp.

"In going through the letters my mother and father sent to each other during World War II, I couldn't help but notice a unique "Victory' stamp that was used at the time as a means to help support the war effort. That stands in contrast to today where it seems like the only ones being asked to sacrifice for the wars are our troops and their families," said Larson. "The Victory for Veterans Stamp is intended to call upon American's sense of patriotism and desire to do what they can for our troops and the nation. It's easy. It's patriotic. And it's American."

"I'm proud that so many of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle agree and have come together demonstrating that when it comes to veterans and the nation, we can put partisanship aside and work together," Larson added. "I especially want to thank my colleagues across the aisle Bill Shuster, Tom Rooney, and Walter Jones for their strong support for this idea and our veterans."

"The Victory for Veterans Stamp Act is a piece of legislation that offers every American the chance to give back to our men and women in uniform and say to them, 'thank you for your service.' There is no greater cause than taking care of our fellow brothers and sisters who have sacrificed so much for our safety and national security," said Congressman Bill Shuster (R-PA), the lead Republican sponsor. "I applaud the efforts of Congressman Larson, as well as my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for helping to move this important piece of legislation forward."

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