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Republican Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. LANGEVIN. Mr. Speaker, Democrats are committed to reducing the deficit in a balanced way. In contrast, Republicans will bring up a bill this week that breaks our bipartisan agreement, erasing the hard work on both sides to reach compromise. This was the agreement that resulted in us allowing to raise the debt ceiling and put in place the supercommittee that could have reached a more balanced approach to budgeting, with both revenues and budget cuts. But my Republican colleagues rejected increased revenues that were needed.

This wasn't simply a gentleman's agreement that was arrived at that will put in place sequester. This compromise was signed into law as our pledge to each other and to the Nation to work together to solve our most challenging issues.

Republicans are reneging on that agreement. They've decided that cutting the programs which would help heat my constituents' homes, put food on their tables, and send their children to college is the right approach to rebuilding a strong economy. They've decided that denying health coverage to thousands of Americans is better than repealing tax cuts to millionaires. They've decided that going it alone is more important than working with Democrats.

Democrats have a plan to put our fiscal house back in order. It's been 500 days since the GOP took over and we're still waiting for theirs. We can do better, and I urge them to work with us.

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