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Senate has a Choice: Put Taxpayers and Small Businesses First or "Go the Way of Washington"


Location: Columbia, SC

Governor Nikki Haley today said senators, who began debating the state budget, have a choice to make: show the people and small businesses of South Carolina that they come first and pay for $93 million in tax relief for taxpayers and businesses or go the way of Washington and spend the funds.

$93 million represents 1.6 percent of the $6.1 billion state budget the Senate is considering.

Gov. Haley said, "The Senate has a choice today: in a $6.1 billion dollar budget, will they give 1.6% back in tax relief or spend it? This is not partisan. This is about responsibility - to the taxpayers and small businesses of this state. This is the taxpayers' money, not the legislature's."

Video of the governor's press conference is available here:

"The budget is the ultimate expression of our priorities as a government, as a state," said Gov. Haley. "It is time for us to show South Carolina -- and everyone else -- that in our state, jobs, the people and our businesses come first."

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