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Governor Brownback Supports Tax Conference Agreement


Location: Topeka, KS

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback issued the following statement today regarding the agreement reached by members of the Tax Conference Committee.

"I greatly appreciate the work done by the Tax Conference Committee. Conferees have developed a compromise that gets Kansas on the path to a pro-growth tax policy that will grow the economy and create jobs. Both chambers should approve the compromise bill and send it to me.

"Otherwise, I have received Senate Sub for HB 2117 and will sign it. Kansans will have a pro-growth tax cut this year.

"We cannot afford to stay on the same high tax path of the past that saw our children and grandchildren leave Kansas for better economic opportunities elsewhere.

"Legislators have worked on many weighty issues this session and have been able to address a number of them. It's time for them to focus on finishing up their work quickly and wrapping up the 2012 session."

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