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Special Session Starts Today to Address Unfinished Business

Press Release

Location: Denver, CO

A special session of the General Assembly begins today so lawmakers can address a variety of legislative issues that died last week without adequate debate in the House of Representatives.

"Transparency, accountability and the virtues of good government are compromised when the legislative clock is used to avoid consideration of important legislation," Hickenlooper wrote in a letter to the General Assembly. "We owe it to the people we serve to do better."

It is customary for the governor to address the General Assembly at the beginning of a special session, but Hickenlooper opted instead to send a letter so critical work can proceed without unnecessary delay.

"Each year the regular legislative session undertakes the people's business," the letter says. "Legislators introduce bills, vet them through the committee process, and, if passed out of committee, debate them and vote on them on the floor so that a majority in each chamber is given an opportunity to work its will."

This year, the governor wrote, procedural efforts short-circuited that process to prevent debate and a vote on Senate Bill 12-002, commonly known as the "Civil Unions Bill." The full Senate and three House committees approved the bill, but all House members were not afforded the opportunity to debate or vote on the merits of the Civil Unions Bill. Procedural delays also stalled action on a number of other pieces of significant, bipartisan legislation calendared for second reading on May 8.

"Although efforts were made to pass as much of this legislation as possible on the final day of the legislative session, it is clear that even tortured efforts to place important bills under irregular titles could not finish the work that needed to be done," Hickenlooper wrote.

The seven specific subjects that should be considered in the special session are:
Funding of Colorado Water Conservation Board projects.
Penalties for persons who drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Authorization of civil unions.
Administration of the unemployment insurance program to stabilize unemployment insurance rates, facilitating the issuance of unemployment revenue bonds and accelerating the creation of the Division of Unemployment Insurance in the Department of Labor and Employment.
Creating "benefit corporations" in Colorado.
Registering Special Mobile Machinery Fleets.
Submitting to the registered electors of the State of Colorado an amendment to the Colorado Constitution repealing provisions deemed obsolete.

"We include in the call legislation that advances good government, enhances public safety, and addresses a fundamental question of fairness and civil rights," Hickenlooper's letter says.

The governor said Coloradans, at a time of enormous skepticism about the federal government and state legislatures across the country, have come to expect something different from their General Assembly.

"You passed a budget this year with 86 votes, improved early childhood literacy, and expanded the mission of the Colorado Energy Office," he wrote. "You approved comprehensive personnel reform, made it easier for military spouses to gain employment, improved payment methods in Medicaid, and restructured fire and emergency response. That record is worth celebrating and reflects legislative work that is fair, transparent and collaborative. We respect and applaud the good work you have already done, and, in that spirit, wish you success with a special session that efficiently, thoroughly, and fairly resolves the business of this call."

The General Assembly determines how long the special session will last. The cost of the session is $23,500 per day. A maximum of 15 days is already budgeted in the current fiscal year.

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