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Summer Reading Initiative

Location: Unknown

Thank you, Superintendent Cook and Principal Hollingsworth, for inviting me here today -- and for giving me this opportunity to meet with some very impressive students!

I would also like to recognize the Board Members who have joined us today, and to offer my gratitude for all you do to improve education for children in the State of Arizona.

I would be remiss not to extend a special thanks to the state libraries for their collaboration on this program.

Together, we are ensuring that Arizona students keep their minds active and engaged over their summer vacations.

I must say -- I am so excited to be at Acacia Elementary School -- Home of the Owls!

And I am even more excited to share with you my new Summer Reading List Program!

I couldn't think of a better place to talk about reading.

Your principal told me that not only do many of you participate in your school's Accelerated Readers program…

...She also told me that you are some of the hardest workers in your classes! That is something you should be very proud of.

Now, we all know that summer is a time for fun in the sun.

But while you are all enjoying time off from school -- which you all very much deserve -- it is important to keep improving upon the knowledge you gained over the school year.

What better way to do that…than to read?

Reading is a FUN activity that can keep your minds sharp -- while still providing hours of enjoyment.

It is an excellent tool to keep you prepared for the next school year, while keeping you entertained during your summer break.

So -- to help you stay motivated this summer -- I've put together a special list of books that I hope you'll all enjoy.

And… I am challenging each and every Arizona student to read at least five items from the list.

And if they do, they will get a very special prize from me!

Here's how the Governor's Summer Reading List will work:

* You will read five books from the list from your grade level.

* Then… your parents will fill out a form online to verify that you've read your books.

* If your parents say it's okay, your name will go on my online Readers Wall.

* And here's the best part:

* Once you complete your five books, you receive a certificate from me, and a free pass to the Arizona Science Center -- pretty cool, huh?
You and your parents can find the list of books and the form at, and the reading materials will be available at your local libraries.

So, go visit your library, and make sure you read on your summer break.

Read with your parents.

Read with your brothers and sisters.

Read with your friends.

Read for your success and for your future!

I want to be sure that every student in Arizona excels.

Knowing how to read is essential to your future success … both in school and beyond.

That's why I allocated $40 million in the state budget to promote early childhood reading, and help YOU all succeed.

After all, you are the future of Arizona.

So have your parents visit today --- and start reading!

Thank you.

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