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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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Now, joining me tonight is the congressman from the bread basket of
this election, Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio.

Great to have you with us.

REP. TIM RYAN (D), OHIO: Good to be with you, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Tell you what, I`m watching Vice President Biden. I`m
cranked up.

RYAN: Yes.

SCHULTZ: I mean, I haven`t seen one like that one before. Why do
you think he did that?

RYAN: Well, you`re right, all reports I`ve gotten from phone calls
back home, from labor leaders and business people back home, was he was on
fire. Someone said it was the best speech they`ve ever heard a politician
ever give. So he was on fire.

I think it`s the fact that the administration has been treated so
unfairly in so many ways. Here is you are, right, miles away from an auto
plant, and you have Mitt Romney saying that he would have let the auto
industry collapse. Now, you`re in the backyard of a lot of these auto
workers, and they know what has happened, and they know what the difference is between a Romney administration and an Obama administration. They`ve already benefited from it.

SCHULTZ: That crowd wanted that today. Is that fair to say?

RYAN: Yes, they want someone to fight for them. And I think they`re
starting to see that this administration has been fighting for them, and
it`s becoming more apparent that the other side is doing everything that
they can to try to stop them.

SCHULTZ: So how does Mitt Romney and the Republicans -- how do they
compete against that? I mean, everything Vice President Biden said was
factual. You see the success in your state, the number of jobs that are
affected by the automobile industry. They really believe, the Obama team
really believes this is the heart and soul of the election, Ohio.
Can you win Ohio?

RYAN: No doubt about it. I think when you look at the auto
industry, as you just pointed out, one of every eight jobs. If you look at
what the president has done on China, which is a big issue on Ohio too, put
tariffs on Chinese steel tubing coming into the country, put tariffs on
tires coming in from China, played tough with China. And this has led to a
boom in manufacturing, not just in the auto industry, but in the steel

And our area of the country has led for a couple of quarters
manufacturing growth in the entire country, Youngstown, Ohio. And we`ve
been -- it`s been said that we`re one of the top 10 best places to start a

I think what you saw with Biden wasn`t just a speech, it was where he
was at. He was at an advanced manufacturing facility called M7 in
Youngstown, Ohio. It used to be an older manufacturing facility. Mike
Garvey and his wife took over, converted it. They`re doing metrology now,
three-dimensional imaging now, it`s a great new company and people realize
that`s the future.

SCHULTZ: So where are the Democrats weak in Ohio? With what do you
have to do?

Now, your friend Sherrod Brown, trying to get another term as a
senator -- they`ve already thrown $6 million at him.

RYAN: Yes.

SCHULTZ: I mean, heck, it`s not even June 1st. I mean, they`re
throwing money at him like crazy.

So is that the weakness, maybe not being able to match the money?
What do you think?

RYAN: Well, you have these roaming billionaires who want to get
involved in these races, whether it`s against Sherrod Brown or somebody
else. So, the bottom line is we`ve got to be organized.

And what`s good about Ohio, we`ve just come off the collective
bargaining campaign last year. And so, the coalition of police, fire,
teachers and others, nurses, are all together and ready to do the deal
again this year.

SCHULTZ: Your thoughts on, guy from Ohio, House Speaker John
Boehner, setting up this fight for the debt ceiling again?

RYAN: Yes. Big mistake -- I think it`s a big mistake. Obviously,
the generic polls are showing that the Republicans are obstructionists, and
I think it would be better for him to sit down with Obama and cut a deal.

SCHULTZ: But isn`t there strategy to do this and let Mitt Romney
heckle from the stands, saying, see, the Democrats aren`t serious about
cutting spending?

RYAN: Well, they think people are stupid. I mean, Obama, clearly --
and you just showed a clip -- not $1 in revenue from Warren Buffett, even
if there`s $10 in cuts. Obama has been sincere, even to the point of
frustration for some people, that he wants to make a deal, and Boehner is
walking right now the same lane he walked down a few months ago.

SCHULTZ: Tim Ryan, good to have you with us. Thanks for coming in.
Appreciate it.

RYAN: Thanks, Ed.


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