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Georgia Ports an Integral Part of Georgia's Economy


Location: Washington, DC

We all know how important Georgia ports are to our state. They provide a much needed link to our overseas trading partners and help to make Georgia an integral part of commerce in the United States. But a recent study by the University of Georgia shows just how important those ports really are when it comes to job creation and revenue.

According to their findings, Georgia's deepwater ports support more than 350,000 jobs across the state. Georgia ports now account for 8.3 percent of total state employment, or one of out every 12 jobs. In addition, Georgia ports account for $1.4 billion in state taxes and $1.1 billion in local taxes. That is much needed revenue at a time when states across the country are forced to cut back on many programs their citizens have come to rely upon due to the recession.

It's for reasons like this that Congressman Westmoreland has long supported Georgia's ports, including the incredibly important project to deepen the Savannah port. For a breakdown of job findings as well as Georgia's trade details click here.

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