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Issue Position: Restore America

Issue Position

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America is in crisis. Our country is struggling with stubborn unemployment, record home foreclosures and business bankruptcies. The national debt has spiked to more than $15 trillion…growing by 40 percent since Barack Obama became President.

Our nation was built on a simple promise -- that the next generation will be better off than today's. Today, that promise of a more prosperous and secure tomorrow is in serious jeopardy.

Governor Thompson believes we can RESTORE America by rebuilding our economy through bold reforms, innovative solutions and commonsense conservative leadership. RESTORE America is a comprehensive plan to get America back on track through reforming entitlements, simplifying taxes, and overturning regulatory excess.

In the coming weeks, Governor Thompson will announce RESTORE policy initiatives that tackle our country's most pressing economic issues, including:

Tackling our burgeoning debt through entitlement and budget reform;

Repealing Obamacare and replacing it with market-based solutions;

Boosting our economy through tax simplification and reduction;

Reforming our budget process and cutting wasteful spending, such as excessive federal worker pay;

Cutting regulatory barriers to job creation; and

Enacting a pro-growth energy policy.

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