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Issue Position: Health Care

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Health Care Solutions

The cost of health care is a major problem in the U.S. Health care costs are increasing steadily, and the continued, steady growth of insurance premiums is stifling to the American People. There has been an increase in insurance premiums of up to as much as 20% from this time last year in some regions, with no signs of slowing down. Here are some common sense solutions;

Repeal ObamaCare

We must reduce the cost of health care, not by adding more Federal Regulation, as the "ObamaCare" legislation has done, but by allowing the re-birth of private practitioner owned facilities, through the "free market system," where physicians and other health care professionals are encouraged to serve their local communities again and will get paid for their services directly.

A Fundamental Change of the Current Reimbursement System

We must enable the profitability of private practitioners by changing the current reimbursement system to a "Fee for Service" system, where the consumer would be given incentive to seek out the best price, and an automatic and immediate price reduction for services would be seen as practitioners would try to encourage more utilization of their services through lower prices. This is a very simplistic representation of the "Free Market" based program, and in the complete plan all facets of the health care service are addressed.

Tort Reform

To encourage more private sector health care options we must protect medical practitioners from frivolous lawsuits. A clear negligence of not following industry or profession established protocols, standards of care, and / or scope of practice standards, or a malicious intent to harm an individual, must be present for any lawsuit.

Allow Any Insurance Plan to be Purchased Anywhere in the Country

All insurance plans would now be available for purchase nationwide, to allow for competition between carriers. This would ensure better benefits and better coverage for consumers at a lower price. As more people are drawn to the best insurance plans, the premiums for those plan's participants would start to decrease, based on the volume of people participating. This will entice even more people to seek out these plans, due to low cost and better benefits.

This strategy will also help our private insurance industry, as companies will profit from developing the best plans for the consumer. And through nation-wide competition with other carriers, the best plans would gather large numbers of premium paying members to supply them.

Additional savings for the insurance companies would be appreciated as the costs of services provided by practitioners will be driven down by free market competition, keeping more money within the insurance plan.

Legalize Negotiations with Drug Companies

Insurance carriers, consumer groups, State and Federal Governments may all negotiate the price of medications with pharmaceutical manufacturers to get the best price for the consumers within their plans.

Expand Use of Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts

Under my plan, Health Savings Accounts could be utilized by any individual, regardless of the type of insurance they have. This will allow them to accumulate a "copay fund" to cover the out of pocket expenses in the future. Also, my plan will allow Flex Spending Accounts for medical purchases to roll over from one year to another, without expiration or loss of those funds at the end of the year, as is currently done. In addition, I want to expand the number of health-related items allowed for purchase under flex spending plans. It's your money, and you should be able to use it for the health-related items you choose.

This is just the beginning of what needs to be done with health care reform, but the possibilities are truly exciting!

Join me in transforming Health Care from an "Industry" back into a system of "Service."

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