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Issue Position: Jobs/The Economy

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Building a Vibrant and Robust U.S. Economy

There are many steps which can to be taken immediately to stimulate economic growth in the U.S.

A Business Friendly Environment

We must create an environment for economic growth and prosperity, by slashing the corporate tax rate. This, would allow employers around the country to keep more profits, thereby giving them the confidence to invest in capital purchases for growth here in the U.S.

Eliminate Our Federal Debt

The U.S. Senate must take up and pass the "Cut, Cap, and Balance" legislation which was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2011. This will eliminate our debt and stop our dependence on foreign governments, such as China, funding 42 cents out of every dollar that our Federal Government spends. This is not only good for our economy, but vital for our national security.

Cut Through the Red Tape

We must streamline any permit processes, shortening the time required to receive authorization from regulatory agencies, so companies can expand their operations when they have the capital available.

Repeal ObamaCare

We must repeal ObamaCare and the burdensome regulations within it, which stifle growth of small companies and large corporations alike.

Reduce the Federal Government

Above all, we must shrink the Federal Government's role in our lives, and decrease the amount of intrusion into our private sector companies. We must also cut out the redundancy of the programs found in many of the Federal Government departments, as illustrated by GAO reports, thus decreasing the ever growing need for "more revenue" by our Federal Government.

Stimulate Job Growth

Through these policies, we can encourage the relocation of companies back to the U.S., and thus revitalize the job market with full-time, well paying jobs with benefits.

These are just the beginning steps ensure to that the U.S. remains a strong economic leader of the world.

Join me in bringing fiscal responsibility and common sense economic solutions back to Washington!

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