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Motions to Instruct Conferees on H.R. 4348, Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012, Part II

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. SUTTON. I thank the gentleman for yielding, and I thank him for his leadership.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today for the laborer and the steelworker. I rise today for the small business owner and the working family. I rise today to support this motion to instruct because we should all rise and we should all strive to support our working families and create jobs right here in this country.

We know that one way to do that is to ensure that the money we spend to rebuild and strengthen our transportation and infrastructure, if we spend it here, it leads to jobs here. If we invest in American iron, steel, and manufactured goods, we are investing in the people who produce those products.

While it's easy to stand up here on the floor and talk about the need to support our workers and create jobs, this motion takes those words and turns them into action. By closing loopholes and strengthening Buy American provisions, we come one step closer to ensuring that every American taxpayer dollar spent on transportation and infrastructure will be spent on an item proudly stamped: ``Made in America.''

Last year, I was proud to introduce the American Jobs First Initiative, a series of four bills to strengthen Buy American laws and level the playing field for American manufacturers and workers. I introduced them, Mr. Speaker, because every day I hear from Ohioans who are ready to get back to work. Every day I hear from Ohioans who just want a chance at a good-paying job and a slice of the American Dream. And every day I hear from Ohioans who want this Congress to act to make sure that when their taxpayer dollars are being used, that we will use American iron and steel and manufactured goods to build that infrastructure.

This is our chance, Mr. Speaker. Vote ``yes'' on this motion to instruct. Vote for jobs. Vote for working Americans. And vote to give our constituents a fair chance at the American Dream.


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