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Serrano Announces Upward Bound Grants for BCC, Fordham

Press Release

Location: Unknown

This week, Congressman Serrano announced that the Department of Education had funded grants for Upward Bound programs at Bronx Community College and Fordham University for the coming year, and will likely fund each of the programs for five years total. In the first year, BCC will receive $479,000 and Fordham will receive $379,000. The Upward Bound program helps prepare students in underserved communities to apply for college and to be prepared academically when they arrive at college.

"These Upward Bound programs deserve the full support of the federal government because the work that they carry out is vital for our high-achieving students in the Bronx," said Congressman Serrano. "Fordham and BCC are the perfect participants in a program that is directed at low-income and first generation college students. This funding will help students prepare for college studies by focusing on math, science, English, and writing and also help with ongoing tutoring and mentoring. The five year commitment by the Department of Education will ensure that BCC and Fordham are able to hire the best people and create the best programs possible with less uncertainty.

"I am proud that we have such great institutions carrying out this mission in our community and I applaud them for their work. Their efforts to make sure that the Bronx is a better place are truly inspiring, and are vital to our borough and its future success. Father Joseph McShane and President Carole Berotte Joseph deserve praise for their work to guide their respective institutions to do this fine work with the best and brightest of our community."

"The Upward Bound grants are an important rung on the ladder of educational and social mobility," said Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of Fordham University. "Fordham has historically educated first-generation college students from families of modest means. This grant helps us continue our mission among students who may have the fewest education options."

"Bronx Community College is excited to learn that it has been awarded an Upward Bound grant that will allow us to continue to provide services to students in four high schools in the Bronx," said Dr. Carole M. Berotte Joseph, president of Bronx Community College. "The Upward Bound program will offer a variety of services to students in grades 9 -- 12 who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Many are first-generation college aspirants. This grant will allow us to support them in high school, through graduation, and into the college of their choice."

"The best resource the Bronx has for a bright future are its children," added Congressman Serrano. "Despite the disadvantages that some start with, time and again, Bronx kids have gone on to huge accomplishments. The Upward Bound program will ensure that children over the next several years are given the support and help that they need to go on to successful secondary education careers and ultimately successful lives. There is nothing better that we can do for our community than to help our children to succeed.

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