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Price: President's Budget Receives "Unanimous, Bipartisan Vote of No Confidence"


Location: Washington, DC

House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement on today's consideration of several budget proposals in the Democrat-led Senate. Earlier this year, the House of Representatives passed a budget -- the Path to Prosperity -- that would cut spending by $5 trillion compared to the president's plan, prevent job-destroying tax hikes, bring down deficits to put our nation on a path to paying off the debt, shrink the size and scope of government, and protect access to affordable health care choices for seniors on Medicare and all Americans.

"Small businesses -- like those uncertain about whether now is the time to expand and hire -- choose to budget. Most families -- many of which are struggling to make ends meet because the president and his policies have failed to produce strong economic growth -- also choose to put together a family budget. Americans all across the country understand the need to have a plan for how one's family or one's business will spend the limited resources they have and prioritize what is important. Not so for the Democrat majority in the Senate which has not passed a budget in over three years. They prefer to sit on the sidelines and criticize the good faith efforts of Republicans in both the House and Senate who are willing to put proposals on the table. Unlike his Senate allies, President Obama has offered a budget -- a borrow, tax, and spend plan built on the same failed policies that have added more than $4 trillion in debt over the past four years. In both the House and the Senate the president's proposal has received zero support -- a unanimous, bipartisan vote of no confidence.

"President Obama and Senate Democrats have no plan to pull America back from the brink of a fiscal collapse. They have excuses and political rhetoric but no solutions to pay down the debt and get America's economy growing and producing jobs and opportunity. House Republicans have a plan, and it is one that would protect and preserve the American Dream for this generation and for generations to come."

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