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Conference Report on H.R. 4520, American Jobs Creation Act of 2004

Location: Washington, DC

CONFERENCE REPORT ON H.R. 4520, AMERICAN JOBS CREATION ACT OF 2004 -- (House of Representatives - October 07, 2004)

Mr. REYNOLDS. Mr. Speaker, by direction of the Committee on Rules, I call up House Resolution 830 and ask for its immediate consideration.


Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding me this time.

And I want to thank the chairman for his masterful work in bringing this bill to the floor and getting it done. This bill is designed to make our companies more competitive overseas and keep jobs here at home. There are many examples throughout this where we fix a lot of problems in our international tax laws.

One example that has been unfairly ridiculed here tonight is bows and arrows. Here is what we do here: current law, we tax domestic manufacturers from making arrows and we do not tax foreign manufacturers. So what happens? We lay people off in America. The companies go overseas, and they bring their products in tax-free. Is that good for America? Is that good for jobs?

That is a problem that is being fixed in this bill, as are so many other problems.

The point of this legislation is we are finally getting rid of these tariffs that are hitting a lot of our domestic manufacturers, a lot of our domestic industries, and costing jobs; and we are making American jobs more competitive in the international marketplace. That is a good thing, especially in this tough time of global competition.

I thank the chairman for doing this. And what we are doing is fixing up these ugly laws and making our businesses more competitive in the international marketplace and saving American jobs.


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