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Issue Position: Small Business

Issue Position

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President Obama, Ben Nelson and Washington career politicians have only presented Americans with political stunts and shortsighted approaches to dealing with the economy. We need a serious and long-term policy plan for economic recovery.

In order to create jobs and grow the economy, we must restore confidence in American small businesses by fostering an economic climate that supports small businesses. What Washington fails to understand is that small business is the true driver and job creator of the 21st Century Economy.

As a small business owner and member of the Nebraska Unicameral since 2005, Senator Deb Fischer backed the largest tax relief package in Nebraska history; passed a bill to protect private property rights; and worked to eliminate unnecessary regulations on small businesses.

Congress needs to set legislative priorities that will reward entrepreneurship, growth and innovation. When elected to the U.S. Senate, Deb Fischer will have five legislative priorities that she will address to give our small businesses a chance to succeed and create jobs.

1. Stop Tax Increases and Reform the Tax Code

Deb Fischer will work to simplify the tax code, make the Bush tax cuts permanent, reduce the corporate tax rate, eliminate the estate tax and the AMT, as well as close loopholes.

2. Promote Free Trade

Deb Fischer will aggressively promote free trade and push for approval of trade agreements in a timely manner.

3. Eliminate Excessive Mandates and Regulations

Deb Fischer believes the Dodd-Frank Financial Bill must be repealed and excessive mandates by government agencies, such as the EPA, need to be reigned in.

4. Reduce Energy Costs

Deb Fischer wants to minimize our reliance on foreign oil by increasing domestic production and developing alternative sources of energy. She will oppose any Cap-and-Trade legislation.

5. Lower Health Care Costs

Deb Fischer supports repealing Obamacare. To make health care more accessible and affordable, she supports passing real medical malpractice liability reform and increasing competition between insurance companies.

It is also imperative that we stabilize the regulatory climate in the U.S. in order for businesses to plan for the future and set priorities. Creating an economic environment that fosters small business, encourages growth and restores confidence is essential for our country to get on the road to recovery.

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