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Rep. Nugent Finds Success Expediting Recovery For Victims of Tax Fraud


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Rich Nugent (FL-05) announces success in expediting recovery for victims of financial fraud:

"Most people think that our job is just to go up to DC and vote, but in realtiy, a huge part is making sure that federal agencies and the people who work there are responsive to the American people.

"With the rapid escalation in tax fraud cases, particularly in Florida, I've had a growing number of victims come to me asking for help. The IRS is telling them that it could be months before they see their refund and they're going to have to spend that time continually proving that they are who they say they are.

"For starters, I think the IRS would do well to put the criminals through the ringer and not the victims, but as we all know moving the bureaucracy is a slow and grinding process. As my legislation to improve enforcement mechanisms and prevent this kind of fraud is working its way through the legislative process, I'm going to continue trying to help individuals on a case by case basis.

"We've had a lot of success expediting these cases, some in a matter of weeks instead of months. For families who were counting on their refunds being there for them this Spring and who were suddenly looking at having to wait until the Fall, that's a big deal. If there are any victims in the 5th District who are facing this problem, I cannot encourage them strongly enough to give me a call. They can reach my local office toll-free at 866-492-4835."

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