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CNN "Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees" - Transcript


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Congressman Peter King of New York is the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. Again, there's a lot that cannot be discussed, so we're leaving it up to the experts to tell us what they can.

Congressman King joins us now.

Congressman King, the would-be suicide bomber is actually a double agent. What can you tell us about it and about him?

REP. PETER KING (R), NEW YORK: Anderson, I'm in a position I really can't tell you very much at all. I have been briefed on this. As far as I know this has not been in any way declassified by the CIA or by the administration. And it's really -- it's unfortunate that this has gotten out because this could really interfere with operations overseas.

And sorry to do this, I really cannot comment on any of those details. I know it's out there, I know it's being reported, and I also was at a briefing this afternoon with top officials, and there's a really great concern that this got out. This is -- my understanding is a major investigation is going to be launched because of this.

COOPER: You were -- you were also briefed yesterday -- we talked to you yesterday about what details you could say

KING: Right.

COOPER: Are there any new details that you can say?

KING: I don't -- I don't believe so, Anderson. I hate to do this to you. I mean, yesterday I did say to you that I was told and I could say yesterday that the bomber, the alleged bomber, was no longer of any concern to us and now I guess a different interpretation can be put on that and everyone was, you know, reading into it last night.

But from what I understand, I will be surprised if you find anyone confirming this on the record. What you're reporting now and again by tomorrow or the next day could be a different story. I will say this is the most -- one of the most sophisticated and successful intelligence operations that I have been aware of.

I have never seen anything so tightly held. It was held as close -- as close as anything I have ever seen. And that's why the leak when it broke, I guess about a week ago, really put a lot -- put a lot of risk including human lives, and even now the fact that it's coming out can be dangerous.

COOPER: All right. Congressman King, I appreciate the position you're in and I appreciate you joining us tonight. Thank you.

KING: Thank you, Anderson.


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