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Governor Malloy on Final Passage of Storm Legislation


Location: Hartford, CT

Governor Dannel P. Malloy today released the following statement in reaction to final passage of a legislative package he introduced to enhance and augment the ability of the state, municipalities and its utility companies to better prepare for and respond to natural disasters and intense weather situations:

"With these changes, we will institute tougher standards for utility companies and improve communication and training for state and local officials. We will also make necessary investments at the local level in new technology like microgrids, allowing our state to embrace a 21st Century solution to an age old problem.

"We can't know exactly what emergency is coming next, but we can learn from past experience and improve. I look forward to signing this bill after it is transmitted to my office and thank the General Assembly for their votes."

The legislation, which passed the House this afternoon in concurrence with the Senate, is Senate Bill 23 - An Act Enhancing Emergency Preparedness and Response.

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