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Hearing of the House Budget Committee - Taxes


Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, a senior member of the House Budget Committee, spoke against Republicans' latest attempt to slash vital services for some of our most vulnerable neighbors and called assertions that companies like Exxon and Chevron are overtaxed "absolute nonsense."

The full text of Rep. Doggett's remarks follow below:

It is very important to point out on this motion that every dollar for these social services-- for Meals on Wheels, for the 39 states that rely on these funds to deal with abused and neglected children--every one of these dollars is paid for in this motion.

The notion that Exxon and Chevron are being overtaxed is absolute nonsense. I'd just like Exxon and Chevron to pay the same tax rate that Leos Phillips 66 on Airport and East 11th in Austin where I get my car serviced pays. I'd like them to pay the same rate as the people who clean up the corporate board room pay. They have one special interest tax break after another and we don't get at all of them--but they have gotten special tax breaks not because they're merited, but because they have the lobbying and the political power to demand treatment that does not apply to any other industry in Washington. And we say through this motion, if you have to choose between Exxon and Jenny, let's choose Jenny.

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