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Blog: In Praise of Unsung Heroes


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It makes me rather sick to see how those who do so much to protect our country have become political footballs.
It is not just President Obama using the Osama bin Laden operation in his campaign -- which even Arianna Huffington calls "despicable" -- but it is also the Administration continuing to release more and more information that has always been classified. The more they talk, the harder they make the job of those who must stop the next plot.

The people who deserve credit, not only for bin Laden but also for stopping many terrorist plots to kill Americans, are those whose names you will never know. It is the intelligence and military professionals who do their job, day-after-day and night-after-night with quiet competence. Most of them will never write a book or talk about what they have done. They know that they will never receive the accolades and praise that some top generals and political appointees get. Yet, they also know that what they do has kept Americans at home generally safe from terrorist attack for more than a decade.

These quiet heroes have been remarkably restrained about complaining when the White House releases details of their operations and capabilities in an attempt to bolster President Obama's national security credentials. The more information that is released about what they do and how they do it, the better informed the enemy is and that makes the next operation even more difficult.

As Chairman of the Armed Services subcommittee that oversees the Special Operations Command, I have some idea of how capable and dedicated these professionals are and what they do every day to keep us safe. Others in the government should look for ways to help and support them, rather than make their job harder.

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