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Congressman Cantor: We Can Work Together To Help Boost Small Business Growth


Location: Washington, DC

"Good morning, we are fresh back from the district work period and suffice it to say it is jobs and the economy all the time. Not only anecdotally, but we saw the official numbers come out last week. There are just not enough jobs being created for people to get back to work. That's why we will maintain our focus to ensure that we are doing everything we can to help businesses and provide them a better environment so they can hire.

"We also are doing everything we can to help small businesses start up again. We know over the last three years, there has been a 23% decline in small business startups. Something is wrong here. We are trying to work towards a better economy and we ask the President to please do so with us. He issued a message this morning in which he said Congress should have a to-do list and he wants to help small businesses. We welcome that. We have been saying for some time now, please Mr. President, let's set aside the differences and find where we can work together to help small business growth. That's what will help the economy. We all know that a growing economy will help everything and that should be our focus.

"This week on the floor, we have a very busy week. We are going to have the Ex-Im bank bill up, we also are going to have our first appropriations bill up, as well as the bill to address this pending sequester. We believe strongly that we shouldn't have the imposition of a sequester and instead want to substitute out those cuts. The Budget Committee Chairman is here to talk about that. The purpose being that we do not believe that we should be disproportionately impacting the defense of this country and that's what will happen. We will severely affect the Pentagon's ability to address its mission if we do not address the cuts in the sequester."

Q & A:

"We have got to be focused on small businesses. The President will put forth a proposal today having to do with helping small businesses, making it easier for them. The difference that he's got in one of his proposals is he wants to direct small businesses and how they commit their capital, we believe that we ought to let the investors decide on how best to allocate their capital so we can see small businesses grow again."

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