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The Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. § 315, et seq., requires broadcasters to provide this Presidential Candidate equal response time to the September 26, 2008, Broadcast Presidential Debate involving only Obama and McCain.
The Federal Election Campaign Act, 2 U.S.C. § 431, et seq., amended by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, requires the Obama and McCain Campaigns to report the Broadcast of the September 26, 2008, President Debate as in kind contributions to their Presidential Campaigns. See, Davis v. Federal Election Commission, 171 Led.2d 737 (2008) and compare with Judd v. Federal Election Commission, No. 1:08-CV-4 (E.D. Texas April 25, 2008) (transferring to District of Columbia under 2 U.S.C. § 437h to be heard by a three judge district court); Judd v. Federal Election Commission, No. 1:08-CV-1290 (D.C. July 28, 2008) (sua sponte dismissal by Judge Kennedy under PLRA 28 U.S.C. § 1915A for FEES PAID Complaint. Notice of Appeal to Supreme Court filed by Clerk on August 6, 2008).
The Democratic Party consistently and unlawfully excluded Plaintiff's Presidential Candidacy from State Primary Election Ballots, and must State and Federal litigation is continuing. See, New York State Election Board v. Lopez-Torres, 169 L.Ed.2d 665, 672 (2008) ("the party's racially discriminatory action may become state action that violates the Fifteenth Amendment."); Washington Grange v. Washington Republican Party, 170 L.Ed.2d 151 (2008). The First Amendment right to Freedom of Association is an individual right, not an Organization's collective right to exclude from association. See, District of Columbia v. Heller, 171 L.Ed.2d 637 (2008) (Second Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms is an individual right, not collective right).
The Democratic and Republican Partys' have consistently excluded Convicted Felons from having a voice, vote, or participation in their Government or Political processes and Elections. See, Judd v. Federal Election Commission, et al., 5th Circuit No. 07-41033 (5th Circuit) (pending).
At the Presidential Debate, Obama and McCain were asked about the proposed $700 billion dollar bail-out of Wall Street, to purportedly save the economy. Obama claimed that $700 billion from the people of Main Street was necessary to save Wall Street, or Main Street would suffer loss of jobs and economic disaster. However, the math does not support this contention.
President Bush resently pushed a Tax Rebate for Economic Stimulas to put money back in the hands of the people so they could spend the money and help the economy. Now they want to take at least $700 billion from Main Street and give it to Wall Street to prevent a credit freeze so Wall Street can loan Main Street back its money at an interest rate profit. And this is supposed to save the economy ??
When McCain and Obama were asked what programs would be cut to pay the $700 billion Wall Street bail-out, Obama refused to indicate any cuts at all. Rather, Obama just reaffirmed all the programs that he would make sure would be either saved or initiated under an Obama Administration. Somehow Obama also cites Tax reduction for incomes of less than $250,000.00 a year, but increased Taxes to the Companies that get the benefit of the $700 billion bail-out. Even an idiot can do that impossible math. An economic genius Obama is not.
At least McCain said he wanted to reduce government spending, and eliminate "cost-plus" Defense Contracts, and wastfull earmark spending. But the math is still way out of range of reality.
On September 23, 2008, Senator Chris Dodd said the Wall Street crash was a result of a "combination of private greed and public regulatory neglect." I understand the private greed factor, but the public regulatory neglect claim blames the public for the Wall Street crash. What kind of regulatory neglect is Dodd talking about?
On September 24, 2008, CNN Headline News reported a threat that:
"If they don't get the $700 billion, banks will not loan and the credit market will freeze-up, causing jobs to be lost." This is evidence of criminal Interference with Commerce by threats in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1951 and § 1954 as Offer, acceptance, orr Solicitation to influence operations of employee benefit plan. Civil remedies are available under 18 U.S.C. § 1964, Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations.
In Stoneridge Investment Partners v. Scientific-Atlanta, 169 L.Ed.2d 627 (2008), "investers alleged losses after purchasing common stock. They sought to impose liability on entities who, acting both as customers and suppliers, agreed to arrangements that allowed the investor's company to mislead its auditor and issue a misleading financial statement affecting the stock price." The Supreme Court said, " [w]e conclude the implied right of action does not reach the customer/supplier companies because the investors did not rely upon their statements or representations." Id. At 634. The investors relied on the price of stock which was based on the false financial reports and Securities Fraud, not prosecuted by the United States. The Supreme Court opinion reported: "For purposes of this proceeding,... ,Charter, a cable operator, engaged in a variety of fraudulent practices so its quarterly reports would meet WALL STREET expectations for cable subscriber growth and operating cash flow. The fraud included misclassification of its customer base; delayed reporting of terminated customers; improper capitolization ofcosts that should have been shown as expenses; and manipulation of the company's billing cutoff dates to inflate reported revenues. Id. At 635.
"Respondents supplied Charter with the digital cable converter (set top) boxes that Charter furnished to its customers. Charter agreed to overpay respondents understanding that respondents would return the overpayment by purchasing advertising from Charter." Id. At 635. As for Moterola, in a written contract Charter agreed to purchase from Motorola a specific number of set top boxes and pay liquidated damages of $20 for each unit it did not take. The contract was made with the expectation charter would fail to purchase all the units and pay Motorola the liquidated damages." 635.
To return the additional money from the set top box sales, Scientific-Atlanta and Motorola signed contracts with Charter to purchas advertising time for a price higher than fair value. The new set top box agreements were backdated to make it appear that they were negotiated amonth before the advertising agreements. 635.
"The backdating was important to convey the impression that the negotiations were unconected, a point Arthur Anderson considered necessary for separate treatment of the transactions. Charter recorded the advertising payments to inflate revenue and operating cash flow by approximately $17 million. The inflated number was shown on financial statements filed with the SECURITIES and EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC) and reported to the public." Stoneridge v. Scientifiic-Atlanta, 169 L.Ed.2d 627, 636 (2008). This case is typical of the fraud and corruption of WALL STREET, and Obama and McCain and the President and Congress want to award this kind of criminal activity with a $700 billion bailout plan, taking the $700 billion from the people of Main Street.
The proposed and probable $700 billion bail-out of WALL STREET is criminal, and interfers with the FREE MARKET and interfers with Commerce, denying people on Main Street opportunity to purchase cheap stocks which will go up fast as the Market recovers with new blood at the helm. The richest man in the world, Warren Buffet resently purchased $5.2 billion in Goldman-Sachs because the price was right, and he knows the value will increase over time.
It is now time to prosecute and punish the criminal running WALL STREET, rather than loan then $700 billion of taxpayers' money as a reward for criminal fraud and extortion in which Executive gave themselves huge bonus paychecks.
It is also apparent that WALL STREET runs the individual actors in Congress and the government that are trying to sell the deal based on scare tactics, with news programing by WALL STREET controled news agencies and broadcasters.
The Obama and McCain Campaigns collectively received over $94 million in the month August alone. Where does this money come from?
Is this why I was brutally assaulted by prison gang members at FCC Beaumont on May 1, 2008, on two occasions, and then held in solitary confinement for three months while I was on the ballot in Idaho?

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