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KARK 4 News - Should The United States Government Foot Cell Phone Bills?

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Location: Unknown

By Jocelyn Tovar

One Arkansas Congressman is pushing an act that would stop government sponsored cell phones completely.

It's called the "Stop Tax Payer Cell Phone Act" and started by Congressman Tim Griffin who is an outspoken opponent of the Government footing cell phone bills.

"The program has gotten completely out of control," said Congressman Griffin.

If you visit Congressman Griffin's Facebook page, you're linked to video's that show exactly where he stands on the issue.

"Some folks are getting two, three, four, 10, 20, 30 cell phones," said Griffin.

A number that sounds amazing, until you hear from people who are familiar with the program that gives a free cell phone if you are on a government assistance programs.

"I've seen some with 10, 15 of them," said Belinda Faye Collins, "Some people get them and sell them."
"Anyone can get them," said John Green.

"We talk about the difficulty in cutting spending," said Griffin, "This is a no brainer, this is a billion dollars we ought to cut at the snap of a finger."

Geraldine Pierce told KARK 4 News, she has two of these cell phones and uses them to communicate with her work and in emergency situations.

"It helps a lot," said Pierce, "It really does."

Representative Griffin is unwavering on his position telling KARK, regulations aren't necessary, that the program should be eliminated.

"Look, it'd be great if we could give everybody everything they ever needed,but that's not the role of government."

He did say he supports the lifeline service which provides a landline to those on government assistance, but again draws the line when it comes to cell phones.

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