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Today I heard that Congress approved an apology for Slavery. Then I heard a commentary by a young Black Man as to the Apology for Slavery.

As a White Man, I am not allowed to define Myself by My own personal actions, choices, or character.

As a White Man, I am confronted with an Identity defined by a Black Man claiming to be a perpetual generation of victims.

As a White Man, I want to define myself by My actions, choices, and character; Not by the words of others.

I did not choose to be born, nor did I choose My parents, race, or the neighborhood I was born into.
My choices began after I was born.

I am not responsible for Slavery. Personally, I am opposed to slavery, racial prejudice, and discrimination. I am opposed to Race based Hate. I am opposed to Hate period.

No generation of My family ever had anything to do with Slavery, on either My Mother's or Father's side.

My family either fought against slavery, or suffered as a result of slavery.

There is no personal or moral debt owed by Me as a consequence of slavery.

Respectfully Submitted,

Keith Russell Judd, Candidate For President of the United States

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