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A Day to Pay Tribute To Our Rich Religious History


Location: Washington, DC

Throughout the history of this great nation, our people have used prayer to seek guidance, to ask for forgiveness, to express gratitude, to build strength, and for so much more. The power of prayer is beyond measure, and each one of us is gifted with the freedom to express our beliefs and convictions.

On May 3, Americans will again observe the National Day of Prayer and affirm their right to express their faith. The National Day of Prayer pays tribute to the significant part that prayer has played in building our nation and to the integral role it still holds in our lives today.

My mother always said "It's good when other people pray for you, but not as good as when you pray yourself." This is why I believe it is important for all Americans, no matter what their faith, to join together and call on their Lord for peace and prosperity. I have always taken comfort in my faith and the belief that we stand for something greater in this world. I'm proud to join with all Americans in taking a quiet moment today to pray for our great nation, to thank the Lord for all that we have, and to say God Bless America.

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