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Rep. Davis Votes No on CISPA


Location: Washington, DC

I believe the effort to foster information sharing through this bill would erode the privacy protections of every single American using the internet. It would create an unhealthy environment of information sharing, where any certified business can share with any government agency, which can then use the information for any purpose of national security. Businesses are also immune from any liability and the lack of accountability would create an atmosphere corruption.

If this bill included language to ensure that civilian agencies would take the lead in information sharing, restrict how the government could use the information; and make sure consumers' sensitive information is adequately protected, I would consider supporting the measure. Given the 7th Congressional District has many medical institutions, thriving competitive businesses, nationally recognized colleges and universities and thousands of constituents that highly depend on internet and the confidentiality that should come along with it, I cannot support H.R. 3523.

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