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Representative Norm Dicks Statement on the FY2013 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill


Location: Washington, DC

House Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Rep. Norm Dicks made the following comments after release of the Homeland Security bill text:

"Today House Republicans released their bill text for the FY13 Homeland Security Appropriations bill. Once again, the Committee has proposed a bill that is within the range of what would have been expected if Republicans had stuck to the discretionary number agreed to in the Budget Control Act. The subcommittee allocations based on the Ryan budget confirm that Republican leadership intends to reserve the worst cuts for domestic discretionary bills that they have postponed until later in the budget process."

"If the Ryan allocation of $1.028T were to stand, this would not only threaten job creation and economic growth but also now necessitate that the most draconian cuts come from much needed investments in infrastructure, innovation and the social safety net.

"I'd like to again remind my Republican colleagues that austerity measures are not working in Europe, with many economists concluding that they are in fact contributing to several of those economies falling into double-dip recessions. This is why I am adamant that we need to stick to the balanced approach we agreed to in the bipartisan Budget Control Act."

"Fortunately, this bill has been spared from Ryan budget austerity. I'm pleased to see the majority adequately fund FEMA State and Local, firefighter and emergency performance grants.

"I also strongly support the increased funds to address the escalating problem of cyber-attacks on federal networks. This is a critical national security investment that can't be put off.

"I am disappointed to see that the new DHS headquarters at St. Elizabeths is once again underfunded. The bill also contains several controversial immigration riders that unnecessarily interfere in the department's immigration enforcement.

"However, I'm wholeheartedly committed to working with my colleagues as we consider this bill in regular order and I congratulate the chair and ranking member on their good work."

Below is a brief summary of funding levels in the FY2013 Homeland Security bill

Total Allocation: $39.12 billion | -$484 million below the FY2012 enacted level | -$394 million below the President's FY2012 request.

FEMA Grants: The bill provides $2.78 billion total, $408 million above the FY2012 enacted level and -$118 million below the President's request.

State and Local Grants: The bill provides $1.76 billion, $413 million above the FY2012 enacted level.

Firefighter Assistance Grants: The bill provides $670 million total, -$5 million below the FY2012 enacted level and equal to the President's request.

Emergency Preparedness Grants: The bill provides $350 million total, equal to the FY2012 enacted level and equal to the President's request.

Cyber Security Efforts: The bill provides $748.9 million total for cyber security programs within the National Protection and Programs Directorate, $305.7 million above the FY2012 enacted level and -$20 million below the President's request. In light of the rapidly growing threat of cyber terrorism, these funds are necessary for monitoring and detection of cyber threats and to assist other Federal agencies in enhancing their cyber security efforts.

Federal Network Security: The bill provides $202 million, equal to the President's request, for automated and continuous monitoring of Federal civilian agency networks.

National Cyber Security Protection System (EINSTEIN): The bill provides $328 million, $99 million above the FY 2012 enacted level and -$17 million below the President's request, for intrusion detection and prevention programs.

Science and Technology's Research, Development, Acquisition and Operations: The bill provides $826 million total, $158 million above the FY2012 enacted level and -$5.5 million below the President's request.

DHS Headquarters: No funds are provided for the highway interchange and other access roadwork to the St. Elizabeths campus. The bill does, however, include $24.5 million to move the Coast Guard to St. Elizabeths, but with none of the further investments needed to accommodate the remaining DHS agencies on the campus.

Immigration Riders: The bill contains several legislative riders including a mandated funding floor for state and local partnerships [287(g)] and worksite enforcement, as well as setting a minimum number of detention beds [34,000] that ICE must maintain daily.

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