Blog: Talkin' Shop with Tim


By:  Tim Scott
Date: April 30, 2012
Location: Unknown

This week we are launching our "Talkin' Shop with Tim" series, where I'll be working at local businesses and listening to the concerns of both our small business owners and South Carolina families. Wednesday I'll be pumping gas at Northbridge Exxon in Charleston, and I look forward to hearing from you about how high energy prices are affecting your family.

This Administration's rejection of the free enterprise system is the centerpiece of their most recent legislative proposal to mark "evil' speculators as the root to our nation's energy crisis. Using another of their favorite labels -- excessive profits -- the President's plan is his latest attempt to obscure the fact that he has no strategy to address the rising cost of vital fuel to power our vehicles, our homes and our businesses. His pattern of saying one thing and doing another is evident in his failure to promote productive exploration and drilling sites within our borders.

Americans need relief for wildly fluctuating energy prices. President Obama has yet to offer any substantive plan to address this problem. House Republicans have a plan, and we have passed multiple bills which will help responsibly plan for the future while using resources currently at hand. Gas prices have doubled since January 2009 -- the American people do not have the luxury of waiting any longer.


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