Blog: Encouraging Entrepreneurship


By:  Tim Scott
Date: May 3, 2012
Location: Unknown

At the end of this month, we will be hosting a conference in Washington, DC as part of a new series of events I am calling"Revitalizing America." While the series as a whole is set to focus on a variety of economic issues, our first will aptly be named "Encouraging Entrepreneurship" and will focus on the entrepreneurial spirit that inspires innovation and growth in our nation. An entrepreneur changed the path of my life by mentoring me when I was a teenager, and his lessons have shaped my philosophy ever since.

With this conference, I hope to incite a discussion on ways to find real solutions to reviving our sluggish economy. It is time we work to create an environment in which entrepreneurs can thrive and develop business solutions that will lead to economic growth and job creation. I believe this means reforming our tax code and repealing burdensome regulations that stifle growth and limit production in a multitude of industries.

However, I want to hear from real business leaders in this conference--large and small--whose practical business and leadership skills have produced jobs and growth in our economy. I want to hear what the government has done that benefits them, what we have done that restricts them, and what solutions we can find to their issues as we work together towards achieving the goal of putting America back on the path to prosperity. I believe these discussions are necessary if we are going to revitalize this country and put job creation back in the hands of those who do it best.

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