CEO Magazine Ranks Texas Best State for Business for Eighth Consecutive Year

Press Release

By:  Rick Perry
Date: May 2, 2012
Location: Austin, TX

Texas has been ranked the top state for job growth and business development for the eighth year in a row in Chief Executive Magazine's annual survey of CEOs. The survey asked 650 CEOs to rank the best states for business based on a wide range of criteria, from taxation and regulation to workforce quality and living environment.

"Texas' number one ranking as the best state for business for the past eight years by CEOs across the nation is a testament to our successful model for economic prosperity and job creation," Gov. Perry said. "I am proud of our state's accomplishments and remain committed to upholding principles, like low taxes, restrained spending, reasonable regulations and a fair legal system, that have made Texas the best state in the nation to live, work, raise a family and start a business."

The survey gave Texas high marks in all areas important for business creation and highlighted the state's business-friendly tax and regulatory environment compared to other states. As one CEO noted, "The state attracts top-level talent across the income divisions. Laws and taxation are creating opportunities that benefit expansion and job growth."

Texas' economy continues to receive national recognition. The state added more new jobs over the past year than anywhere else in the country, with Texas' unemployment rate remaining more than a full point below the national average and continuing to decline. According to USA Today, Texas has moved past New York as the nation's second largest economy, and the Wall Street Journal has credited the state's low taxes and employer-friendly environment with helping make Texas the job creation capital of the nation. Additionally, Texas consistently ranks among the top states for Fortune 500 headquarters.

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