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Governor Perry Gives Remarks at the Annual Texas Prayer Breakfast


Location: Austin, TX

Thank you all for having me here as we mark an important day for people of faith who recognize and respect the awesome power of prayer.

We meet to celebrate an American tradition that dates back to the earliest days of our nation.

Throughout our history, our leaders have periodically put out the call, united us in faith and led prayers seeking guidance, wisdom, and mercy.

Prayer is a concession that while we have been granted the gift of free will, it's the will of God Almighty that we must seek in our private lives, our public service and together as a nation.

The National Day of Prayer is our way of saying that we require and welcome the Lord's presence in every facet of our existence, that we call upon Him to renew our nation's spirit, and that we need him to grant our leaders the wisdom to chart us a safe course forward the path of righteousness and prosperity.

It's a way to remind ourselves that despite our overgrown egos and the folly of pride, whatever we think we might have accomplished in this world is due only to His great benevolence, not through anything particularly special about ourselves.

It's also a way for our community, the community of prayer, to share in our faith and celebrate the unmatchable joy of being part of something much, much bigger than ourselves.

Prayer is about all those things and so much more.

As we gather today in recognition of God's omnipotence and his omnipresence, let us remember those of us who aren't here today, have placed themselves in harm's way on behalf of their fellow Americans.

Let's remember our brave men and women currently fighting in Afghanistan and other hotspots around the globe.

Let's remember those who gave everything for our country in conflicts and wars across the globe over the last two centuries.

Let's remember all those veterans who fought, and in too many cases died, to ensure us the freedom to gather on a day like this.

Let's remember our first responders, our police officers on patrol, our firefighters holding the line in brushfires and our paramedics ready to respond at a moment's notice.

Let's remember the farmers and ranchers who continue to face dry conditions in an ongoing drought and pray for rain to bring them much-needed relief.

Let's keep all of them in our prayers, as we pray for the wisdom, strength and understanding we'll need in the days, weeks and months to come.

I am honored to be with you here today the power of prayer, a power strong enough to change the world.

Now, it's my pleasure to present to Evelyn Davison, my proclamation declaring May 3 to be A Day of Prayer in the State of Texas.

Thank you again Evelyn, and my thanks to all of you, as well.

May God bless you and, through you, may He continue to bless the Great State of Texas.

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