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Fighting Illegal Immigration

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BARLETTA. Mr. Speaker, in the minute or so I'm speaking this morning, two more illegal aliens will be added to America's population. Maybe they'll climb over a fence. Maybe they'll sneak off a boat. Maybe they'll overstay an expired visa. All expect to find a better life here in the United States, but all are breaking the law.

The millions of illegal aliens in this country right now impose a huge burden on America's cities. One of them was my city, Hazleton, Pennsylvania. That's why, as mayor, I was the first in the country to enact a local law cracking down on illegal immigration. Now other municipalities and States have taken up that fight.

Seeing Arizona defend its law this week, I'm reminded how the Federal Government has failed to stop illegal immigration. States like Arizona and cities like Hazleton are forced to act because this administration--and prior administrations--refuse to enforce immigration laws.

On Wednesday, Chief Justice John Roberts said it best:

It seems to me that the Federal Government just doesn't want to know who is here illegally or not.

Well, Mr. Speaker, take it from someone who's been fighting against illegal immigration for 6 years now. Sadly, that sounds just about right.

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