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Governor Dayton Calls for Vote on People's Stadium


Location: Saint Paul, MN

Today, Governor Mark Dayton released the following statement:

"I'm saying please call your legislators and say vote. Vote on the proposal that's been worked on for the last eight months. That's before the House and the Senate. That's been vetted by seven legislative committees -- and that is a sound package, has been worked out, has support of the Minneapolis City Council and the Mayor, and is a go. Representative Thissen said in the House, the first body that considered it, he put up half the vote, thirty four votes. And the Republicans will put up thirty four votes, and we'll pass and go on to the senate. And we'll have a stadium, and we'll have thousands of jobs, and we'll have the Vikings. So I would ask Minnesotans to call your legislators and say quit fooling around, this is not about politics for November and it's not about your jobs for November. It's about our jobs, our future, our team. Get it done. Bring it up - up or down vote."

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