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Deal Enacts Pro-Life Bill


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Governor signs bill that eliminates state agency

Gov. Nathan Deal today signed into law a pro-life bill that gives additional protection to unborn babies. HB 954 will put an end to most abortions in Georgia after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the time when some believe a fetus can begin to feel pain.

"Today, we are reaffirming Georgia's commitment to preserving the sanctity of all human life," Deal said. "This legislation provides humane protection to innocents capable of feeling pain, while making an important exception for in the case of medically futile pregnancies."

The law, sponsored by Rep. Doug McKillip (R-Athens) and Sen. Tommie Williams (R-Lyons) takes effect Jan. 1.

Deal also signed a bill to abolish the State Personnel Administration (HB 805), sponsored by House floor leader Rep. Doug Collins (R-Gainesville) and Senate floor leader Ronnie Chance (R-Tyrone).

"This is yet another concrete example of how we are reducing the size of government and creating greater efficiencies for the taxpayers of Georgia," Deal said. "Money not spent by the state government is money that can stay in the family pocketbook, where it can do the greatest good to create jobs in our state."

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