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Buddy Roemer: On China


Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Governor Buddy Roemer issued the following statement in regard to Secretary Clinton's visit to China:

I have been very disappointed in the lack of leadership this Administration has showed in regard to our rival -- China. We must strongly consider the recent weakness in China's growth and a string of bizarre events including: the murder of British Businessman Neil Heywood, the attempted defection and then disappearance of Chongqing Police Chief Wang Lijung, the purge of Communist Hardliner Bo Xilai, and reports of an attempted coup in Beijing. And now, the dramatic escape of human rights activist Chen Guangcheng that have publicly revealed the rotten underpinnings of China's corrupt, communist autocracy. The muffled, embarrassed, and confused reactions of the U.S. Department of State and the Obama administration have revealed how deeply tied into this criminal regime our own government and policies have become.

The obvious fact is that China is still a nation where, as Mao said, "All power grows from the barrel of a gun." There is little to no rule of law in this dynasty where the rights guaranteed by their own constitution are rarely enforced and where Party members live like princes and have inconvenient foreigners poisoned.Yet the American government continues to pretend that this state can be trusted to honor its treaties, meet its obligations and behave in a civilized manner. China is unable to act with honor at home, nor has it ever been able to in the international arena. For three decades, this behavior has allowed the Communist regime in Beijing to lie, cheat and steal its way to prosperity at the expense of the American economy and American jobs.

China is not a reliable business partner for our firms nor its employees; it's not a safe haven for our investment capital, nor a responsible ally for our nation. It is time for the United States to stand up for what is right in regards to human dignity and by doing so what is right for our economic future.

As the next President of the United States, Governor Roemer's plan would include the following:
Demand that ALL of China's dissidents be released immediately.
Demand that human rights and religious freedom for all be respected immediately.
Demand that censorship of all media be removed immediately.
Demand that a clear path to real democracy in China be established and fully independent opposition political parties be legalized, immediately.
Declare China as a currency manipulator, immediately.
Remove China's permanent most favored nation (normalized) trade status, immediately.
Implement reciprocal tariffs and trade barriers that match China's "Great Wall of Protectionism", immediately.
The influence of China over our economy is destructive and demeaning. It is time to take action and it starts in the White House.

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