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Bachmann Responds to Administration's Claim that the War on Terror is Over


Location: Washington, DC

After an article this week in the National Journal revealed a senior State Department official's declaration that "the War on Terror is over," Representative Michele Bachmann made this statement:

"It is completely absurd for the administration to declare the War on Terror is over. However, if the President believes that the War on Terror is truly over, then he should be consistent with that pronouncement. As a Member of Congress, I intend to hold the President accountable for his declaration.

"If the War on Terror is over, then the President should immediately disband the TSA since it would be unnecessary to burden the airlines, passengers and the taxpayers with the extra security measures and costs of protecting against terrorism.

"If the War on Terror is over, then we should immediately dismantle the security barriers around the White House and the Capitol that were installed to prevent acts of terrorism.

"And, if the President believes the War on Terror is over, then he should immediately bring home all of our troops in Afghanistan since there would be no more terrorists to fight there.

"I can assure you Mr. President; the War on Terror is not over. On a recent trip to Afghanistan, I personally met one of our brave young soldiers who had, just hours before our meeting, lost both of his legs to an enemy explosive. Our brave men and women are fighting to defeat a real enemy. The War on Terror is not over.

"The administration's declaration that the War on Terror has ended follows its ever-softening stance toward Islamic extremists. I believe the recent statement by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Martin Dempsey, directing the Defense Department to purge its training materials of any reference to Islamic terrorism and Islamists could weaken our national security. The FBI took a similar stance on its training materials in the last few months.

"These statements and actions by the Obama administration demonstrate a woeful blindness to the threat of terrorists both inside and outside our own borders."

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